After careful consideration of options and investigating alternatives, it is with regret that we advise that the Menace Mill will be discontinued.

  • Countless and substantial sheet metal steel prices have been passed down from the local mills in recent months.
  • Alternative suppliers for the specialised manufactured mill parts have had to be sourced, and these prices have come in at multiples of the original costs.
  • Given the above two considerations, further manufacture cannot be realized at viable prices.
  • We will however continue to offer the remaining stock of mills and add-on accessories until stocks run out.  We may however assemble the mills into comprehensive sets instead of being available in a modular fashion, if this proves to be more practical.
  • This is not final, and we will continue to assess the supply conditions and  market and/or find new suppliers, and we will kick things off again.
  • Note that the above applies specifically to the Menace Mill only.  Made to order products (such as the Rhombix Fire System) and ‘simpler’ components (such as the Bottle Carriers), will continue to be available until further notice. However, notable price increases are inevitable.
  • Commercial and specialized custom developments will continue to be done, but assessed on a case by case basis for feasibility.

We would like to thank you all for your support over the years, and hopefully some time in the future circumstances will allow for things to kick off again.
It has been a privilege getting to know many home-brewers, commercial brewers, volunteer guinea pigs, and industry experts over the years in this quest for developing a truly South African, affordable malt mill.
And, most importantly, its been fun which is what its all about!

Lockdown Homebrewing Explosion – 26/05/2020
Just a few days into Covid-19 lockdown ‘prohibition’ and the signs were clear that people were starting to run out of their favourite beverages.  Online forums and groups dedicated to brewing and distilling grew exponentially within weeks. Some questions, ideas, contraptions and experiments were downright scary from new brewers, clearly looking for the quickest route to an alcohol fix, but many others however, discovered a new hobby and passion.    Its a bittersweet scenario, where many craft breweries will have closed their doors due to the lockdown, but coupled by an explosion of interest in more boutique beers.  Given that craft breweries often evolve from the dreams of home-brewers, this may set the stage for a future resurrection of craft beer industry in South Africa.

Custom Commercial Craft Soda Carriers – 24/08/2019
We have had interest shown in our bottle carriers by a Craft Soda beverage company in South Carolina, USA.  We are just about done developing some more customised carriers to suite their vibe and brand image, as well as their US bottle sizes, and haulage.  It’s been a fun little project and has resulted in carriers much better suited for commercial macro scale craft brewery applications as well.

Illuminated Bar Signs / ‘Whats’s On Tap” Signs – 23/08/2019
We have teamed up with Illuminate Creations to bring you some exciting personalised and fully customisable signage for your home bar. Especially suited to labelling and ‘marketing’ your on-tap homebrews with some bright and flashy signage!  Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and website for details and links.

Menace Mill Development Status – 04/05/2019
Numerous iterations have been done on the “Menace Mill” together with a lot of testing and improvements.  Final production test prototypes are busy being put through their paces with long term tests, and the first 5 production units are in progress and expected to be available in mid June 2019.