GINORMITY supports the governments efforts and legislation to combat COVID-19

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Packaging, Delivery and Collection Protocols:
-Before packaging of our products before delivery, relevent items are sanitised with alcohol based sanitizer.
-When you arrive for a collection, we will be wearing our masks. Please do the same. Sanitiser will be available for your use.

Delivery Receipt:
-When you receive your package, realise that it has been handled by others on route. It is recommended that you disinfect the outside of the packaging, and dispose of the packaging immediately after opening.

Covid-19 Hygiene Products:
-We have started offering a range of products to support in the control of infection. These included the below items which you can find under the “Health & Hygiene Products” Section:
—‘DoorPull’ range of handsfree door opener products.
— Stainless steel reuseable nose bridges for face masks. [eliminate gap around nose for mask effectiveness and to reduce misting up on glasses]